Seven Transformation Pack 5.1

Software for making older versions of Windows look like Windows 7

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    Customized Desktops

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    Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    7.3 (316)

The Seven Transformation Pack is a Windows tweak that causes older versions of the Windows operating system to look more like Windows 7.

Windows 7 has been one of the most solid operating systems released by Microsoft to date, and there is no debating that looks stylish as well. However, what should those that cannot shell out the money for the operating system do? For those that just want the look and feel of Windows 7, purchasing an entirely new operating system is not cost effective. This is where the Seven Transformation Pack comes in handy.

Modeled closely after Windows 7, the Seven Transformation Pack is a tool that works to mask older versions of Windows with the newer 7 look. Users downloading and installing the Seven Transformation Pack will notice that the installation process is a bit slow. It also requires a restart, so make sure that you save everything you are doing before completing the installation. Likewise, once any change has been made within the Seven Transformation Pack, a restart is required there too.

Upon opening the Seven Transformation Pack, users are greeted with a welcome area that allows them to fully configure how they want their operating system to look. A few other features allow users to repair their file systems and join the online community for discussions, tips, etc.

Because Seven Transformation Pack requires a lot of tweaking to morph older Windows versions into a sleeker 7-like version, there are many third-party tools that it uses to achieve this. Because there are many other third-party applications used in the process of tweaking the operating system, Seven Transformation Pack presents a warning and discusses the risk. If you do not like the idea of Seven Transformation Pack using other third-party tools, you can always look elsewhere for Windows 7 look-alike software.

Once the Seven Transformation Pack has been completely configured and applied, it is easy to mistake an older operating system for Windows 7. The Start menu, desktop, windows, and toolbar all take on the Windows 7 look, and users will enjoy that Aeropeek functionality is also included. As you get more used to the software, you will find what's missing and what could be better. However, for a Windows tweak, it certainly does a great job at transforming any older version of Windows into looking like 7.


  • Seven Transformation Pack comes with Aeropeek functionality.
  • This Windows tweak is extremely customizable.
  • The result is hard to distinguish from a genuine copy of Windows 7.


  • This software tweak can be somewhat buggy.
  • The installation can be rather long. Applying practically any change almost always results in a restart.
  • The software requires many other third-party tools to function. There is a slight risk involved in this.

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